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Multisurfaces cleaners

Tenso Pro cleaners range provides an easy and quick cleaning on any surface. You will find a specific product for each part of the home, every of them with a nice fragrance.

WC Cleaners

Tenso Pro WC Gel thick formula covers the entire toilet bowls providing a deep clean leaving a pleasant and fresh scent.

Deodorizing & Cleaner
Soapy cleaner

Tenso Pro Drain unblocker cleans the pipes in only 5 minutes, without damaging. It works with all kinds of pipes and is effective even without removing the water.

The range of deodorizers avoids all kinds of clogs and eliminates odors in the pipes.

Tenso Pro Soapy Cleaner for parquet & furniture cleans, cares and preserves the natural beauty of treated woods 

Tenso Pro soapy cleaner
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